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  • Introduction
  • Authentication
  • Get a customer's KYC status
  • Introduction

    The Bity Partner API is organized around REST.

    These endpoints will allow the partner to know the status of a given customer.

    API endpoint


    In order for a partner to be authenticated it needs to include in the request the Authorization header with the corresponding secret.

    Get a customer's KYC status

     KYC status for a customer identified by its ID

    GET /partners/v1/partners/<partner_id>/status/<partner_user_id>

    Example request for getting the status of a customer by its ID

    curl \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <partner_secret>' \
      "is_kyc_verified": false

     URL parameters

    Parameter Description
    partner_id ID of the partner making the request
    partner_user_id ID of the customer in the partner's system